Website Analysis

In today’s world, websites should be able to work for you. Using SEO optimization people need to be able to find using targeted keywords. When visitors do land on your site it should load fast and work smoothly. Keeping track of your Google analytics which will provide you with detailed data to further research how to achieve planned goals.

SEO Optimization

Uses of Google Ad words, Pay-Per-Click, and written content like Blogs, having a great site can only do so much for your business.on-page SEO services are essential for your target audience to find you. With quality, website's that I design and develop you can be assured your site will have SEO friendly.


Taking advantage of Google Analytics will allow us to know exactly what people are doing on your website, to then provide valuable breadcrumbs to understand why visitors are behaving as such. Using this data opens up multiple opportunities to set goals for the future and solve solutions for your business.

Website Optimization

Every website will be optimized for fast performance and function smoothly. Using A/B testing, image compression enabling caching for improved user experience my primary goal is to hit that 3s maximum page load. Customers are lost in seconds, so time is everything.

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