What is Good Web Design, What is Bad Web Design

by Blk Canvas | November 16, 2017

At Blk Canvas design and development go hand and hand. If your website doesn't work, good web design won't mean anything. If your website has bad web design, nobody will want to use it. Today we will focus on why design is important to your users and the difference between good and bad website design.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional."

-Cameron Moll

When a user experiences your website they make quick binary decisions. According to Blue Corona, website's have 10 secs or less to leave an impression and explain who they are and what they do. Design a priority, especially since 70-80% of people research a company online before making any actions. Continue reading to learn the difference between good and bad website design.

Keep Visitors on Your Site

Good Web Design: Define clear and concise conversion paths. Meaning, present visitors with information about what product or service your business offers. Then use call-to-action to so visitors can easily identify what they came to the site for. Bad Web Design: When a website throws too much information at once. Users don't need to know you do any and everything. Information overload can overwhelm your visitors and leave them confused as to who or what a business provides.

Navigation and Usability

Good Web Design: Usability should be easy, visitors should be able to navigate through the site with ease. Label links and buttons so that visitors know exactly where they are going next. Bad Web Design: Pages or sites that don't have a logical structure. Links and buttons are unclear about what page the visitor will land, which can lead visitors to dead-end pages without knowing how to access other pages.

Responsive Design, I say again Responsive Design

Good Web Design: Mobile is growing,  more than 50% of web traffic is on mobile and 84% of all "near me" searched come from mobile devices. Having website responsive to look great on smaller devices is imperative. Bad Web Design: Sites that are too big for your phone. A site is not responsive if you have to scroll left or right to view the entire page, or overlapping copy/elements.

Always Keep your website updated

Good Web Design: When you complete the building and design of a website, make sure to always update it. Websites are never "done", business owners should not only update content, functionality, design and website strategy. Keeping your website up to date with industry standards will ensure you never fall behind. Bad Web Design: One and done mentality, just looking at a website the general public can tell if you have an outdated website that hasn't been touched in years. Having outdated information will eventually create a disconnect with your customers.