The Best Choice For You: Website Builder vs Web Developer

by Blk Canvas | January 5, 2018

What is the best choice for you? The website builder vs web developer is important to know. Especially in 2018, technology as afforded to the general public platforms for business owners, creatives, and hobbyist to promote, showcase and sell their work or services. I don't think it's correct to compare the freelance web developer, against your standard website builders. On the one hand, you have a product, and this product is a tool. On the other hand, you have a full service, where intent and strategy is the primary focus.

"A product is a hammer, and a service is a person using the hammer and building for you."

- Patrick Quattlebaum and Jamin Hegeman

The Website Builder | The Hammer

Sites like Squarespace, Wix or Weebly offer great websites. With their drag and drop interfaces, you can build and customize beautiful websites that look professional for free or at a low monthly cost within a day. These companies have given individuals the ability to create websites without the know-how of manual code editing. Using website builders, you will receive adequate functionality and features that come with websites. Be wary though; these websites are made to be conventional. Website builders provide templates meaning your website will look a lot like competitors or any other standard site.

The Web developer | Man/Woman using the Hammer

When you think about a web developer, you should be thinking about the services that they can provide. What comes with a developer/designer is the process our goal is to listen to our client's problems and come up with solutions to solve those problems. An example would be and a small business owner who needs a website to increase traffic and conversion on their online store. It is our job to build an entirely custom website that is unique to your brand but also creates an experience that will encourage users to engage your site which in turn increases of conversions and leads.

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Those who should buy a Tool | Website builder vs Web developer

Choosing a tool or service depends on who you are how you plan to use your website. For those who want a blog, entrepreneurs just starting out, or small nonprofit, I would recommend using a website builder. If the goal is just to get started and push content out with a low budget, and having something that isn't highly custom, use the builder by all means. If your a small business owner that just needs to show contact details, store information or showcase a sample of your products. There's no point in hiring a web developer for the basic features that a website builder possesses. Website builder vs web developer, website builder wins.

Hobbyist, Blogger, Unfunded Startup, Small Business on low budget, Small Non-profit

Those who should hire a Service | Website builder vs Web developer

Now if you're looking for a website that is unique, custom designed and developed with more than your basic features. I would strongly recommend hiring a web developer. Along with the service, a web developer comes with a strategy to grow and add value to your business. Because when you meet with a web developer through back and forth, they learn about your business and customers. Through the process, we can design and developer a user experience tailored to your customers. Also, expect your site to be SEO optimized for specific keywords. These keywords implemented throughout the site will allow Google rank you. For those serious about their website should understand that it is an investment. Website builder vs web developer, the web developer wins

Competitive Small Businesses, Medium-sized Business, Growing business, Bloggers looking to increase revenue, Expanding Nonprofits

In Conclusion, what you decided to use should be based on who you are and your plans. If you want something for fun or just want to get started, the website builder is your best bet. For those looking to grow or need extra features that are more complex then you plain features get a web developer. In a time where entrepreneurship and own a business is growing, you should be wary of how you make your investment worthwhile.